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MOTTO MORTGAGE ABSOLUTE is locally owned and operated. That’s why we understand the local real estate market and why we pride ourselves on being part of our vibrant community. You’ll get personalized service with the convenience of today’s digital mortgage solutions. Whether you prefer face-to-face conversations, in-depth phone calls, or purely digital communication, we’re here for you.

Unlike banks and mortgage lenders, our expert loan officers can compare a wide variety of potential mortgage options from many different sources. This creates a competitive market where lenders compete to earn your business – and only the most competitive rates and products. Our loan originators can shop hundreds of those competitive home loan options to find the ones that suit your needs. They’ll be like your very own mortgage personal-shopper.

Mission Statement

Provide a superior level of integrity and excellence to be the mortgage broker of choice for you, your family, friends, and the community. We want to earn your trust and we are committed to provide the solutions that fit your needs while ensuring ethical practices and transparent communication. We strive to keep it simple and address your needs while aiming to close your loan fast and with piece of mind.


Be the best and #1 trustworthy mortgage broker in Nevada, California and Texas.









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